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Cultivate NT is proud and excited to be part of the development of the Knowledge Water Project that has recently been in the news.

We have been working towards this for many years and now the vision of Yolngu nalapal (elders) is coming into being. 

We will build a factory to share the beautiful spring water and knowledge it represents around the country and the world. 

This will create jobs and make the community sustainable so yolngu kids can grow up safe and strong and our profits will support education for this community and the region.

Cultivate NT Pty. Ltd. is a Northern Territory based company that provides consultation, management and equity partnerships for indigenous business development In Arnhem Land for economic self sufficiency through their own business ventures. 

Rod Baker combines a background in agronomy, education and scientific research with over ten years of building relationships and working with indigenous families to establish sustainable enterprises and build local capacity to independently operate and grow their own business in the long term. 

Cultivate NT uses a triple bottom line approach to indigenous business development. Natural resources and cultural knowledge are the most significant forms of capital held by the Yolngu of East Arnhem Land and developing this capital base to support sustainable production systems is the key to family based economic self sufficiency.

Cultivate NT is involved in a number of indigenous business development projects across the Northern Territory that form part of a coordinated business development strategy for the Yolngu people in the Blue Mud Bay area.

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