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Production Systems

Cultivate NT brings an understanding of whole system production from the agriculture sector together with an ecological understanding of tropical systems and has contextualised it to the current wild harvest and yolngu cultural context. Successful and sustainable economic activity in this area is yet to be established although pockets of activity do exist such as with the recent development in the Billy Goat Plum (aka Kakadu Plum) enterprises that grows across all northern Australian savanna. The existing production systems and supply chains are mapped and analysed for productivity improvement.


From this approach a strategy to improve existing population productivity (link each) wild orcharding systems, post harvest handling and storage and product value has been developed. Required capital and labour inputs are then assessed and the nature of the labour designed to preferable engage local work force or import labour where skills deficits exist. Through partnership with the Homelands School at Yirrkala and ongoing mentoring a long term strategy has been in place for many years to ensure Yolngu gain the required skills to participate at all levels of the production system.

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