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Cultivate NT values empowerment through meaningful contribution, fostering reciprocal deep learning and understanding in a cross-cultural context and building a legacy for future generations through socially, economically and environmentally sustainable indigenous business development. 


The vision of Cultivate NT is of Yolngu families that are economically self-sufficient through operating thier own enterprises while bringing their children up in a safe environment on traditional country.


The mission of Cultivate NT is to provide Yolngu with an opportunity for meaningful contribution to family and economy on their own country through primary production of native foods and local resources, post harvest value adding and marketing a brand capitalising on indigenous ownership and pristine environment.


A cross-cultural dialogue and shared creation through the use of Yolngu and Ngapaki metaphors is employed for indigenous business development by owners who understand and operate successful enterprises. Business ventures run and operated by Cultivate NT in partnership with indigenous people who understand the entire production cycle, make decisions through a multicultural board of directors and create and utilise production systems that are sustainable on a triple bottom line basis



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