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Exciting Business Development Announcement - water bottling factory in Arnhem Land

first sampling in early 2016

It has been a number of years in the making but we are finally in a position to publicly announce our intentions. We are going to build a water-bottling factory at the source of the spring water of Rurrangala. This venture will be sustainable on a triple bottom line basis and is exciting on many levels.

This enterprise is being undertaken by the Arnhem Beverage Company Pty Ltd, a company owned by Cultivate NT and Rurrangala Bush Produce. The fully costed business plan has been in place for around two years and having achieved the anthropological sign off on the section 19 land lease agreement we are now putting it into action.

The spring water of Rurrangala is renowned for its quality and the sale of it in bottles will provide economic empowerment for the local family. The Ngurruwutthun family has a proud history of contributing to the education of their people and this venture is the next step towards maintaining control of their future as envisaged by their elders when our two cultures first came together.

Downstream from the spring fed rainforest at Rurrangala

The enterprise puts into practice much of what has been explained on the Cultivate NT website by establishing a family controlled enterprise that supports a safe place for children to grow into healthy and responsible adults. It will generate population sustaining employment at Rurrangala and reinvest profits into education and further production capacity building for the immediate region.

It has been a tough few years for the family at Rurrangala, particularly with the loss of Ms Ngurruwutthun the former principal and cultural advisor of Yirrkala CEC in late 2015. This development is part of her vision for the family and has provided hope for a better future in these times.

As this exciting developments proceeds there will be more news and opportunities for your involvement as we road test our branding, build our customer base and provide investment opportunities for those who want to support this positive initiative.

walking together into the future

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