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Corporate decision making and ethical framework

All our decisions are made by evidence based reasoning assessing impacts on social, economic and environmental grounds according to core values.

Arnhem Beverage Company core values:

  • Actions that empower yolngu and do not cause others harm

  • Sustainable activities (maintenances and growth of productive social, environmental and economic capital)

  • The wellbeing of the Madjawuy family across generations into the long term future

  • The rolls, commitments and responsibilities of the Mandjawuy family within the tradition and contemporary Yolngu cultural context

  • Education of all Yolngu and the broader Australian population

  • Yaka gana. Individuals do not act alone and decision making is collaborative

  • Concepts and understanding developed for cross cultural application

  • Due diligence for informed decision making

  • Excellence in practice and products

The decision making process based on these values means that time is taken to assess and discuss new proposals before putting them into action. The board will tend to consult both expert advisors and those affected by decisions before they are made. This will generally involve working ideas through our cross cultural tool kit, more on that in another blog.

Foreseen operational decisions are not laboured. Trusted individuals can act on their judgement, preferably with a companion nearby for safety. The decision on where to hunt will be made by the board but only the individual knows the moment to throw the spear.

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