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Progress, pause & progress again

There are many elements progressing in the knowledge water project.

In preparation for both the big fencing job and also building material production from local timbers we began work on an anti-buffalo coral - a couple of octagons to protect the new banana plantation.

We are operating on a shoestring and good will until the funding for the construction is released and so we have to accept waiting for favours just a little longer.

Among other things outside our control the tractor repairs to enable the post hole digging kept us waiting and so we have not fired the starting gun on works. That will now happen later this month.

Other things have happened.

Lynne has settled in to support rurrawiliny and mundulpa in the mandjawuy classroom and momentum continues there.

Rurrawiliny and Yilki were sponsored by IBA to go to their Adelaide for the strong business women's conference and got to see what other business are happening around the country and talk about the challenges of running a business and a family.

Waka is travelling down to stay with Jono in Sydney and attend the supply nation Connect 2018 trade show and hopefully secure some customers. If you are there on 23rd May keep an eye out for the new knowledge water T shirts.

There are many negotiations about funding, supply and sales taking place that will eventually be completed and announced. We have passed the tipping point of having enough empowered people committed to making this happen

We are close to the packaging decision that is taking longer than hoped but our triple bottom line due diligence is essential for such a big decision.

More news as it comes to hand

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