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Walk for Water to end crowd funding with a splash!

We are close to the end of our crowd campaign and we are very excited about developments. MEP have offered to buy the materials for the fencing so we can use the crowd funds for Yolngu wages to keep things moving before we start building.

This is really important for viability of school which is still on a funding knife edge. After the fence we will continue to work with MEP and start producing materials for the factory build which should start in July/August.

We are marking the end of the campaign by doing this walk starting under the tamarind tree planted by Dula Ngurruwutthun at the beginning of the homeland movement. Yolngu and Ngapaki will walk together and share stories of the past and visions of the future as we head to Yarrinya that already holds so many layers of knowledge for the Mandjawuy family. Jono from Elevencom and his son are flying up from Sydney and Eric is returning with his partner Lynne who has made the incredibly generous commitment of working pro bono with Rurrawiliny as our first full time qualified teacher for the dry season. We walk together, yaka gana.

At the moment the crowd funds will be spread a little thin so can you please share this story around and maybe chip in a little if it is still on your to do list.

Please share this with your networks and even print the image and put it up in your tea rooms and favourite cafe if you get the chance.

go to our website to check out more or go to the chuffed page to donate

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