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We have launched

Knowledge Water indigenous business development fencing the area

A journey is made of many steps or paddles depending on your mode of travel

Some pass by almost unconsciously as you repeat similar motions through familiar territory

A good rhythm gets your furthest with most efficiency

There are moments that mark significant progress

There are moments that have significant impact on your direction

These moments should summons full consciousness

This is one of these moments

Knowledge Water indigenous business development selected tree clearing

Our Lipalipa (canoe) has its nose in the water and we have pushed off

We have commenced the physical creation from what has previously only been ideas and media

Moments of palpable progress are now coming much more frequently and it feels like a good rhythm

We are ready and we are moving

Djambatj is the yolngu word for the state of being fully focused on what matters

The man standing on the bow, harpoon in hand, waiting for the perfect moment with full awareness

Banal djambatj for the details of first corner post

“The eagle is djambatj for the fish” my first Yolngu team teacher, Mr W Wunungmurra, once explained when introducing the concept to the middle years class and to me - his piercing eye sees through the ripples on the surface to what he is seeking.

The fencing is a great place to start as we establish both the space and the work culture within it

Precision of straight lines is critical in a long fence with tensioned wires

It is also critical in a spear, which all Yolngu workers at Mandjawuy make, so it is not a new idea. Ever tried paddling a bent canoe?

Djambatj for the details you are responsible for is a key element of our work culture

Knowledge Water indigenous business development concrete mixing crew

This is hard work. The soil is stone and sand so it does not come up with the auger on the back of the tractor. Each hole is completed by hand in the Nth Australian heat while others mix and ferry the concrete by wheel barrow from the mixer.

The mandjawuy crew work hard and consistently and the fence is going up faster than expected

This is harder physical work than will be required in the factory once operational

Knowledge Water indigenous business development first site office and managing director accomodation

On Monday 28th May the site office was established and the next day we began physical work for the factory

With the crowd funds for yolngu labour, the materials bought by MEP and the tractor maintained by laynhapuy we cleared a 6-meter fire break around the perimeter

Cultivate NT troopy passes 450,000Km on this trip

Knowledge Water indigenous business development clearing perimeter

Norla, my old troopy that clocked 450,000 km on this trip, worked like a Trojan removing selected trees.

We had a ‘pre game’ talk of how it really feels to paddle a canoe with rhythm and all contributing, that we are now on the journey and this is serous.

We are not moving as individuals but as a crew in our lipalipa, the Arnhem Beverage Company

We are getting better rhythm and picking up speed

Knowledge Water indigenous business development taking first delivery of materials

We are moving through the bay and soon will be going into open water

There are specific djambatj roles in erecting the fence

We got the tractor hole digger working and put the four corner posts in exactly where we wanted them.

The fence lines have been set straight but with consideration of which trees we would remove

We have begun on the ground

There is much excitement amidst the crew, not only in expectation of the first pay packet of full time work for a whole crew in the community but even more for participating in this exciting creative act.

These are moments to savour

Thank you to all the supporters who have made this wonderful adventure into our bright future possible

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